Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kin-Ball Federation Of India

Kin-Ball also known as Omnikin. It is a sport which is played as a team sport firstly created in Quebec, Canada in 1986 by Mario Demers.

Now the Kin-Ball sport has been spread over the International level and there are 3.8 million participants has been counted all over the world. By looking at this popularity India also decided to contribute in the sport i.e. Kin-Ball. So, they made the "Kin-Ball Federation Of India".

This federation of Kin-Ball is established in 2012 to promote the team work, co-operation, fitness, accessibility and sportsmanship in India. The dynamics and rules of this game make it very useful tool to develop physical education program, enduring co-education and achieving success from the first moment of the day.

This Kin-Ball Federation of India will increase day by day in Future. For more detail please visit us at